Thursday, March 17, 2011

Riddle me this...

I love riddles :3

And I felt that this one deserved sharing, so I'm going to post it. Deal with it.
The answer will probably be on the internet somewhere if you want it.

So you're in a room with only 2 doors. 
One door leads to Heaven, and one door leads to Hell. 

Both doors are identical, and we're assuming that you'd prefer to go to Heaven.
Also in the room are 2 birds, sitting on pedestals... or whatever birds sit on. 
They are also identical. 

However, these birds can talk. And you can ask them for help.
One bird will always tell you the truth, and the other will always lie. There is no way of telling them apart.

You can ask 1 question to 1 bird to help you choose the right door.
Which question do you ask?


  1. you ask the birds what the other one will say at the same time. they will both tell you which door leads to hell :) hence you go the other! :)